Dental cleanings and exams are important for keeping a healthy mouth, but these are not the only reason you should see the dentist.

Milford OH dentist when it's necessary to visit the dentist

There are many other times where a dental visit may be necessary, below are some other common reasons for a dental appointment.

Issues with your gums
Gums that are bleeding, inflamed or bright red should be looked at by your dentist. These may be signs of gingivitis.

Pain or Sensitivity
Pain and sensitivity in your mouth should never be ignored. If you notice any pain or sensitivity, be sure to talk to your dentist.

Recent Restorations
After receiving a restoration, such as crowns, fillings or dental implants, they should be examined by your dentist shortly after the treatment to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Dry Mouth
Saliva is our bodies natural cavity fighter. If you suffer from dry mouth, be sure to speak to your dentist about what treatment options are possible to help this problem.

Anything out of the ordinary
If you ever feel that something isn’t right, you should contact your dentist. It is much better to be safe and let your dentist check for any problems.

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At Milford Dental Excellence, we are always accepting new patients to our practice in Milford, OH. Feel free to schedule an appointment if you’re due for a cleaning or have any dental problems you would like to discuss.