Do you dream of having a beautiful more confident smile but don’t want the look and discomfort associated with traditional metal braces? Invisalign clear aligners may be for you.

No matter what age we are, braces are always troubling to deal with. They’re painful, unremovable, and clunky. For the past 20 years, Invisalign treatments have been rapidly gaining popularity—and for good reason. You can get all of the benefits of traditional braces without the pain and discomfort that they’re known for. Invisalign is ideal for crooked or gapped teeth, and they can also help correct a patient’s bite.

Also, rather than altering your lifestyle to accommodate metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are designed to fit into your life with ease. Do you want to treat yourself to some crunchy or gummy snacks during a movie? Does your team have a big game coming up? No problem! All you have to do is remove the aligners and enjoy yourself. Just make sure you brush your teeth and the aligner before you put it back in, though.

If you are looking to fix any concerns, or you just want generally straighter teeth, talk to one of our dentists to determine if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign.

Once we have developed an appropriate treatment plan for you, we will create your customized clear aligners by using a 3D scan of your teeth. From there, our state-of-the-art 3D printing process will generate your perfect aligners that are precisely cut to ensure the most comfort. We can promise you that your aligners will be nearly invisible, helping you feel confident and comfortable while your smile transforms.

We’ve packed a ton of great information here, so let’s summarize the benefits that Invisalign provides for our patients:

  • Trays are both removable and nearly invisible

  • You can continue eating and drinking your favorite foods (Again, just remember to remove your trays while you do this!)

  • Keeping up with your regular dental hygiene is hassle-free

  • No sharp wires and brackets to cause you pain

  • Follow-up visits happen about once a month

  • Many orthodontic insurance plans cover Invisalign treatments

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Are you ready to transform your smile? Visit us at Milford Dental Excellence to get started on your treatment today!

Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient for about 1 year. I have gone in biweekly for Invisalign checks and have been nothing but pleased by the entire staff. They have treated me like family since my first visit and it makes for a warm and welcoming experience. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone. Update 7/24/17- I took my husband who has severe anxiety surrounding dental procedures, as well as my son who is 2 today for their first appointments at MDE. Ruthie and Andrea were INCREDIBLE with them. The team is always kind, gentle and inviting. We are so thankful for this practice!

Ben P.

I had extremely crooked teeth and was going to another dentist regularly. That dentist sent me to an Orthodontist who gave me the runaround for well over a year. Then, I went to MDE and Dr. Rob and discussed Invisalign. 53 trays later and some work by Dr. Rob and I am very pleased with my smile and the total results. MDE is now the regular dentist for me and my family. The whole office is professional and at the same time–fun. Ever hear that about your dentist?

Shayne J.