Dr. Allison PowersAllison K. Powers, DMD

I enjoy dentistry because it allows me time to interact with patients both sick and healthy. The past couple of years has given me many opportunities to grow personal relationships with my patients, many feel like old friends. I also find dentistry so rewarding by improving a patient’s smile or getting them out of pain. I am beyond grateful to do what I do.

Milford Dental Excellence has one of the finest dental teams in Cincinnati. We work well with one another, keep our skill sets sharp at education courses, and have an all-around great time providing care to our patients. Our patients appreciate our team members and the environment we create.

Education and Continuing Education

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Outside the Office

I am a native of Milford, Ohio and have been a patient at Milford Dental Excellence since I was three years old. I married my high school sweetheart in 2012.

dentistnearmereviews.comI enjoy giving back to the community through my efforts with Fall Feast in Downtown Cincinnati on Thanksgiving Day. Here I organize and provide dental screenings to those who attend the Fall Feast event. I also provide year-round dental screenings in conjunction with Fall Feast Beyond.