If all of your upper or lower teeth need to be replaced, you may want to consider a full-arch restoration.

older couple smileA full-arch restoration (or Hybrid Implant Dentures) is a dental procedure that transforms and restores an entire arch of teeth (either upper or lower). Full-arch restorations utilize dental implants to provide long-lasting results that offer you confidence in the look and performance of your replacement teeth.

A full-arch restoration requires both dental implants and a fixed denture. Unlike a removable denture, your fixed denture will be placed on a number of implants (4 or more) and cannot be removed. Fixing your dentures on to implants will ensure that your new smile will not slip or move and will provide the ultimate in function, comfort, and stability.

The advantage of a full arch dental restoration is there will be no worry of cavities or tooth pain and the need for major dental procedures. However, you will still need to keep your check-ups every six months for our dentists to evaluate your prosthesis and monitor the bone in your jaw.

Full-arch restorations may not be for everyone. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors to thoroughly evaluate your dental health history, complete a comprehensive dental examination, go over your goals, and take any necessary photos/scans of your mouth. After gathering this information, we will determine if a full-arch restoration is right for you.