I Just Chipped My Tooth. How Should I Handle It?

Chipping a tooth while eating something hard can come as a shock. Is this a dental emergency? How should you handle it when you've chipped a tooth? The first action to take is to rinse with warm water to clean your mouth. Then you should bring down any swelling by applying a cold compress to the face. After that's done, [...]

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3 Types of Sports Mouthguards That You Need to Know About

What is the most important type of protective sports equipment? Lots of people would probably agree on a helmet. That answer’s not wrong since helmets prevent sports players from sustaining severe and deadly head injuries. But, for contact sports, mouth guards can be just as important to a sports player’s well-being as a helmet. Nearly forty percent of all sports [...]

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Options in Cosmetic Dentistry – Part 2

This is the continuation of our series of articles on the subject of cosmetic dentistry. Click here to read our previous blog. Bonding Dental bonding uses a resilient plastic resin substance that is employed to fix problems such as cavities, gap teeth, exposed roots, chips or cracks, and any other aesthetic purposes. After the material has been color-matched to the [...]

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Options in Cosmetic Dentistry – Part 1

If you're like many people, a lifetime of excess sugar and caffeine has altered the shade of your teeth. Thankfully, these kinds of issues can be resolved with cosmetic dentistry. A healthy and beautiful smile can give us self-confidence and improve our self-esteem, which is why dental practitioners perform cosmetic procedures. Doctors Egbert, Reineck, Powers, and Naylor have the experience [...]

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Why You Should Visit Milford Dental Excellence Regularly

Did you have a dental visit with us in the last 6 months? Routine examinations by one of our dentists are necessary to ensure healthy gums and teeth. Waiting until you feel pain or discomfort often makes a minor dental issue turn into a major one. Most of us are aware of the benefits of dental check-ups. Aside from maintaining [...]

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