Hello all, and welcome to the blog of Milford Dental Excellence.

Dr. Egbert, Reineck, and Powers started this blog in order to educate you about your dental health in between visits to our office! Our team understands that great oral health is not only about routine dental visits, but about being as educated as you can be about your teeth and mouth.

Do you take excellent care of your teeth and mouth, but still develop some problems?

It may have something to do with your dietary choices. Below, our team offers 3 snack foods that will boost your oral health.


Yogurt contains a lot of casein and calcium. Both calcium and casein will help to rebuild the strength of your enamel and remineralize your teeth. Having strong teeth and enamel are imperative in fighting tooth decay.


One of the most important defenses we have against cavities and gum disease is our saliva. When we eat pears, we help to stimulate our saliva production—like any other fruits that are high in fiber. What makes pears especially good is the neutralizing effect they can have of the acids in your mouth. If there is too much acid present in your mouth, it will start to erode your tooth enamel, and pears can help address this.


What’s one thing you think about most when eating carrots? Probably how crunchy they are, right? Because of this, carrots help to stimulate your salivary glands and help you create more saliva. Carrots are also high in Vitamin A which can help your sight as well!

We hope that this first blog post has provided you with some information that will help you keep your mouth healthier in between visits to our office. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay up to date on our blog and receive other health tips!

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