In our first two blog posts, our team discussed several foods and beverages that will help to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth strong. In addition to knowing which foods and beverages will improve your oral health, it is also important to know which foods and beverages will damage your teeth. Sadly, some of these foods may be your favorites. We are not saying you can’t eat these foods. However, you should limit your intake and brush your teeth after consumption, if possible.

Here is a list of drinks that can cause damage to your oral health:

Ice cubes

No, freezing tap water does not suddenly make it bad for your oral health. However, many people will chew on ice cubes after they have finished their drinks. If you are one of these people, you are damaging your enamel and putting yourself at risk of experiencing a dental emergency.


Dry mouth can cause an increase in many different dental health issues. These issues include tooth decay/cavities, periodontal disease, halitosis, and more! When you consume things like coffee, tea, and sodas, they cause you to become dehydrated, which can eventually lead to dry mouth (xerostomia). Many of these drinks, due to their dark pigments, can also cause a lot of discoloration for your teeth.


Alcohol is bad for your oral health for the same reason caffeine is bad for your oral health. Alcohol dehydrates your body and can lead to dry mouth. If you are worried about suffering from dry mouth, you should try to increase the amount of water you are consuming.

Performance drinks

The most popular sports drinks are Gatorade and Powerade. These drinks are loaded with sugars and syrups that can increase the chances of tooth decay.

Carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks, also known as soda or pop, are bad news for your oral health for several reasons. Soda contains a ton of sugar, caffeine, and is also acidic. The combination of these three things can mean a lot of problems for your oral health. While the acid will wear down your enamel, the sugars and syrups will attack your teeth.

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