Previously, we discussed that tartar build-up caused by plaque is the main cause of periodontal (gum) disease, but is that the only thing?

Besides tartar build up there are some other factors that can lead to this disease. These include:

  • Poor dental hygiene – If you do not brush and floss your teeth twice a day, this can be a major factor in the development of gum disease.
  • Diabetes – Studies have shown that individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing gum disease.
  • Heredity – If you have a family history of gum disease, regular dental visits are important in order to spot any early signs and treat it.
  • Medication – Certain medications can put you at a higher risk of gum disease.
  • Age – As you age, the risk of dental health issues, including gum disease, increase.
  • Hormonal Changes – Things such as pregnancy, menopause and other changes can play a role in an individual developing gum disease.

These factors and others (substance abuse, tobacco use, poorly fitting dental work, poor nutrition, etc…) can increase your risk of periodontal disease.

The best way to decrease your risk of experiencing any issues with your gums is by keeping a proper dental hygiene routine and visiting the dentist regularly.

Are you concerned about the health of your gums?

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