Fear No More!
“First time to the dentist in over 20 years!! I was scared to death, but not any more. I’ve never been treated this nice by anyone!!!! Thank you!!!!”
Daniel W.

“I am a complete ‘dental phobe’ and I found my experience comfortable and painless. Thanks Dr. Egbert and staff!!!”
Jennifer Buxton

We Understand You’re Busy!
“Your entire staff is wonderful! I appreciate all of the efforts made to schedule appointments that fit our lives and we are thankful for the professional dental care you have given our whole family.”
Moranda Boles

“I didn’t have an appointment so I didn’t expect to be seen and your office staff was so very kind and had the dentist see me right away! Even though it wasn’t an emergency. My partial was fixed by noon the NEXT day! WOW!!! Not only did I receive great service/time frame but each and every one I talked to were very friendly and kind. Makes you WANT to go see your dentist and how many people can say that!!! Thank you all again”
Eric Grothaus

Welcoming and Comfortable
“The group at the Milford office are some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life! I mean that. I just love Dr. Egbert and Linnie. I’ve been thru some rough times over the years and Dr. Egbert and his wife were there for me and Linnie lets me cry on her shoulder whenever I need to (after she gets her fingers out of my mouth - lol ). I will never go to another dentist or have anyone else clean my teeth except these 2. Take care all.”
Kay Repp

“As always, thank you for your professional care and personal attention. We love the staff there and it is worth traveling from NC to get our check-ups."
the Woodruffs

“Very quick and effective service. I felt welcome at each step. Really appreciated the follow-up call that evening! Everything is going well and healing nicely. Thanks.”

“I would not go anywhere else. Your service is great and the people are the best.”
Ron C.

“We, (Robert and Mary) are totally satisfied with all of you. We hope we never have to look for another dental group. Thank you for treating us ol’ folk so nicely.”

“Again, I said this the last visit but I can’t tell you enough how awesome Linnie is with my daughter. They make her feel like going to the dentist is a party. You can tell they really love kids.”
Tanya Dadosky

“What else can I say; the dental experience was excellent, from Hi to Bye.”
Donna Woods

“Excellent work on my root canal and tooth reconstruction. Looks and feels great. Could not ask for better service.”
Eric Jeschke

“I have always recommended Milford Dental Excellence to everyone I know.”
Cheryl Valk

“The staff is courteous, energetic and sincere about recommendations concerning dental care. It was a great environment and I thank you.”
Brent Irving